Parent-Child Bonding: A Necessity

Kids playing with mom

Mom and children playing together. Bonding between parent and child increases children mental wellness.

We all know that children love to play games, watch cartoons, and run around having fun. But did you know that kids enjoy it more when they have someone else to play with? Of course you did. Children like playing with other children, most of the time, which initiates their social skills. When children play with their parents they learn and develop socially acceptable behavior. In addition, both express the love and care they have for one another, which is vital for children such as infants who are use to being surrounded by mom 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being this intimate allows the baby to know their mother’s voice, which is likely the most consistent thing they hear.

Parents and children share an affinity that is innate and intangible. Through visual and verbal cues parents instill and reinforce what is morally, and sociably, right into their child’s mind. This bonding and nurturing conduces to mental wellness and stability. In an article written by Nemours, titled “Bonding with Your Baby”, they state that “bonding is essential.” They go on to say:

 Studies of newborn monkeys who were given mannequin mothers at birth showed that, even when the mannequins were made of soft material and provided formula to the baby monkeys, the babies were better socialized when they had live mothers to interact with. The baby monkeys with mannequin mothers also were more likely to suffer from despair. Scientists suspect that lack of bonding in human babies can cause similar problems.

There are many ways to bond with your children. The only thing it is sure to cost you is time. Lauren Passell, author of “9 Ways to Bond with Your Toddler”, list ideas such as the conventional, reading to your children and spending time with each, to the more creative, “Create a Family Language” or “pizza for breakfast”.

Help your kids be the best they can be. Show them that they are special with the time you share with them. Spend time with them, as the best moments in life are free.

Have any great experiences that you would care to share, we would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment below.


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