Parents Need a Break Too — Here is How

We all know parenting is a full-time job that requires long hours and barely no vacation time. Break time usually comes when children are in school, asleep, or out of the house.

So what about when dad needs to talk to the doctor or mom needs take an important phone call?

There are a lot methods you could employ to net yourself the free time needed. We have compiled a list of kid-friendly options here:

Android Devices

Smartphones are here to stay. They are more prevalent then ever before. With the advent of tablets, there will be a mobile device readily accessible almost all of the time. So why know have a few (or lot) kid-friendly apps for your young ones?

Android marketplace, Google Play, is full of tons of games, books, and more. The next time your sitting at the doctor’s office use these suggestions to keep your tiny tot occupied.

Kid Mode: Free Games + Lock

Provided by desirehdapps.comThis is a wonderful, and we mean wonderful, app to have on your device. First, and foremost, Kid Mode allows multiple user accounts. So little Johnny and Jane can have two separate accounts tailored to their liking. Accounts are distinguished by a photo of your kid, in which they can access by pressing the photo. Inside they will find coloring and drawing games and short videos, as well. The best feature is that it locks your phone so your child cannot accidentally call out or fiddle with your emails.

Cut The Rope

Via wikipedia.orgThis is a cute game that will captivate your little ones ( and bigger ones, too) for hours. The object of the game is to feed a little cute creature with a piece of candy by cutting the rope it hangs from. The first few levels are simple enough to learn “the ropes”, so to speak. As you progress, the levels become significantly challenging, as they incorporate creative uses for bubbles, air-puffing devices, and more. The design is elegant and the graphics is beautiful. The music is clean, catchy, and encouraging. There is a  free version, that is entertaining by itself, and a paid version that includes more levels.

Google Books

Via joestieger.comIf you’re already using an Android device then you are probably familiar with Google Books. This cool feature that Google provides is similar to Amazon does with Kindle, although on a basic level. The are a lot of good options in their book store. For instance, they have classics from the likes of Mark Twain and Lewis Carroll for free ( as do Kindle). Kids can read their favorite titles from anywhere (especially the doctor’s office). Just remember to bring along your charger in some cases. A few mobile devices have been reported to have not-so-good battery life.

What we like the most about the options above is that they all incorporate a certain level of learning  to ameliorate, or improve, the implementation of problem-solving skills. The more time spent developing these skills the better a young mind will be at using these skills.

And you get some free time in return, a win-win situation.

Stay tuned for more suggestions.

Have any suggestions or comments on how to grab a few moments of alone time, please share share with us.

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  1. Sarah said:

    Wow! Great blog. I actually let my daughter play Kid Mode on my phone. She loves it and I highly recommend it. Using Google Books or Kindle is a nifty idea. Will try Cut the Rope. Thx.

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